Rainbow Friends: I'm a Monster

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What is Rainbow Friends: I'm a Monster?

Rainbow Friends: I'm a Monster

Welcome to Rainbow Friends: I'm a Monster, a new action-adventure game set in a Minecraft world but with Rainbow Friends characters, a mixture that has become quite popular and fun lately, which is why we never miss the chance of sharing such new games with you, just like you should not miss the chance to play them as soon as we bring them along!

Have fun with Rainbow Friends: I'm a Monster online!

You will be the Blue rainbow friend, whose toys have been stolen from the playground by blocky Noobs, who are thieves in this game, and who you must catch so that you can bring back your items. In each level, you have a target of robbers to catch, and of toys to bring back, so make sure to complete them.

Use the WASD keys to move, space to jump, use E to interact, do things such as opening up doors, and use R to grab your enemies when you are close enough to them, simple as that.

Got it? The levels get more difficult as you advance, and the robbers will be better at running away, but we are sure that you will prevail no matter what happens.

You should begin right now, see for yourself why this game is top, and stick around to see what more amazing content will follow here today for everyone!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, spacebar, R, and E keys.

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