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What are Alphabet Lore Games?

Alphabet Lore Games, unlike many other categories of our website, is inspired by an internet video series, which is developed by Mike Salcedo, who started off posting one animation per day, featuring the letters of the alphabet, but thanks to its really huge popularity the series has gone on further than that, and, as you can see, inspired so many online games for you to play, one better than the other!

What happens in the episodes is that the letters, such as A, B, C, D, and so forth, in this order, come on the screen to present themselves and use their catchphrases, which usually start off with their letter, so that it is easier for the kids to remember, making this one of the best educational video series on YouTube.

In further episodes, the letters interact with one another and go on various adventures, where they fight, form teams, explore new places, and meet new friends as well as enemies, and there is always something happening around their little world. The same goes for our games with Alphabet Lore, which we will now dig deeper into!

Play the best Alphabet Lore Games online!

Of course, the FNF Games category of our website was among the first ones to adopt these characters, with whom you can now sing and dance to test and improve your rhythm and musical abilities, and timing skills, of course.

We invite you to solve an Alphabet Lore Jigsaw Online, and help them escape out of mazes, you can even Merge and Fight with Alphabet, where you try making the most powerful letters to defeat your foes, interact with the Rainbow Friends, even, solve puzzle games with pins to get the letter friends to reunite, and, as a preview, even shooting games with Alphabet Lore is going to appear here, very soon!

Of course, this series is just at its beginnings, and we're talking both about the videos and the games based on them, which is why we hope that you stick around to our website, and revisit us as often as possible, because by doing so you will be the first ones to play new games with Alphabet Lore online for free, as our team works very hard to make sure we are the first ones sharing them with you!

That's also true for the similar categories you can see on this page, which we also recommend you visit! Begin a new adventure right now, to learn and have fun all at the same time!