Alphabet Lore Maze

Alphabet Lore Maze

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Alphabet Lore Maze
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Alphabet Lore Maze Overview


Alphabet Lore Maze is not the first game with mazes to have been added to this category, as you probably already know if you are a fan of it, but this one is a little bit different from the first one since it is still a puzzle game, but this is in 3D, and you have a different set of gameplay rules to follow, which we will now explain!

Let's exit the Alphabet Lore Maze online!

In each level you use the WASD keys or the ARROWS to control your Alphabet letter, with which you go into the maze, having to defeat all the other letters there. Move to the ones with a smaller number than them, beat them up, and then add that power number to yours.

This way, you get to increasingly beat letters with bigger numbers, something you have to keep on doing until you have defeated all the other letters, the only way to finish the levels. In the next one, do the same, but at a higher degree of difficulty, and always give your best to have fun!

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROW keys.

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