Alphabet Lore: Maze Escape

Alphabet Lore: Maze Escape

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Alphabet Lore: Maze Escape
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Alphabet Lore: Maze Escape Overview


Alphabet Lore: Maze Escape is the latest game from our website to feature the characters from the popular animated show we are positive you know what we are talking about, and it had been added after so many games with these characters had already been received very well, so this is not going to stray off from the norm, for sure!

Make a Maze Escape possible for the Alphabet Lore!

In each level of the game, your goal is to take the alphabet letter, such as A, which is the most iconic one, and get it to the toilet at the end of the maze, while avoiding spikes, traps, and other dangers and obstacles, because if you hit into them, you lose.

Use the mouse or finger to draw paths through the mazes to achieve that goal, but make sure to also navigate through the three toilet papers, as you need to collect them if you wish to complete the levels with the full amount of rewards.

The puzzles and mazes in them only get more difficult as you advance, but we promise they also get more fun, guaranteed, so let's start now, only here, and we hope to see you stick around for even more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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