Rainbow Monster Playtime 3D

Rainbow Monster Playtime 3D

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Rainbow Monster Playtime 3D
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Rainbow Monster Playtime 3D Overview


Rainbow Monster Playtime 3D is the latest browser remake inspired by this horror toy games series from our website, of which we are always trying to bring you new and interesting content, after seeing just how popular these games have become for our visitors, and this is going to be no exception, with our team now teaching you what and how to do it, worry not!

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You will move using WASD, you will jump with space, and run with the shift key. You use touch controls if you are a mobile user playing on a phone or tablet.

You will see the world in a first-person view, and you will start off with the first chapter, where Blue is going to be the enemy chasing you through the playground.

There, you need to explore its maze-like rooms and discover all the ten fidget toys to clear the level and escape, making sure not to get caught by the monster.

Of course, you can either run or hide away from them. It's going to be dark and scary, but exciting without a doubt, so now that you know your goals and controls, feel free to begin, and make sure to stick around for more fun to come!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, and shift.

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