Rescue from Rainbow Monster Online

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What is Rescue from Rainbow Monster Online?

Rescue from Rainbow Monster Online

Rescue from Rainbow Monster Online is a cut-the-rope puzzle game featuring Rainbow Friends who have captured the Among Us crewmate in Red, and you need to help it escape from the spaceship that has now been taken over by these invaders, and we're sure you will have plenty of fun, just like we did, which is why we will now explain what you have to do!

Let's Rescue from Rainbow Monster Online!

In each level, you have to cut the rope to which Red is attached with the mouse or finger by swiping through it on mobile devices, so that Red falls to freedom, and gets through the door that leads to the next level, but also try to make him fall into the coins and collect all three of them in each level.

There will be spikes, obstacles, traps, platforms, and other things, so take advantage of them and avoid the bad ones, because if you get killed, you have to start again from scratch. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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