Shoot at Rainbow Friends

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What is Shoot at Rainbow Friends?

Shoot at Rainbow Friends

Shooting at the Rainbow Friends online has never been more fun, that we can guarantee you all right now since this is a simple game that focuses solely on that, and we're sure that even if you don't know these Roblox characters too well if you love playing shooting games online in 3D, this is the perfect game for you right now!

Let's Shoot at Rainbow Friends online!

You begin with quite a basic gun, but you need to shoot down the monsters and get money in return for that, which you are going to use for buying new weapons, with which you can inflict even more damage and take down even more targets, making the game experience more fun!

You will also be able to unlock other kinds of maps as well. With the mouse, you aim and shoot your guns, with the reloading being done automatically when you run out of bullets, but if you hold the right mouse button, know you can aim better by using the scope.

We invite you to begin right now, have fun as only here as possible, and make sure to stick around, since the day is far from being done, so more craziness is coming!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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