NoobLOX Rainbow Friends

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What is NoobLOX Rainbow Friends?

NoobLOX Rainbow Friends

NoobLOX Rainbow Friends combines the worlds of three of our most popular categories into one:

  • Roblox Games
  • Rainbow Friends Games
  • Minecraft Games

Why is that? Well, it features the Noob from Minecraft as well as the one you use in Roblox as your avatar, and the Rainbow Friends come from that world and are really popular, so we've got a mash-up you would not want to miss out on anything in the world!

Let's have fun with the NoobLOX Rainbow Friends online!

Another reason why this game is a must-try is that it is also one of our newest 2-player games online, as you control the two Noobs to help them escape the Rainbow Friends, using the ARROWS for one character, and the WASD keys for the other, using them to run and jump.

Avoid the spikes on the ground, the TNT falling from the sky, and any other kinds of obstacles and traps, because if they hit you, or the friends catch you, you lose, but if you successfully reach the door at the end of the level, you win instead. Each new level is more difficult than the last one, but guaranteed to be more fun as well!



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How to play?

Use WASD and the ARROWS.