Rainbow Mates

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What is Rainbow Mates?

Rainbow Mates

Rainbow Mates is yet another awesome action-adventure horror game 3D featuring the characters made so popular in the world of Roblox, which is why the Noob is going to be the character you now become in this game, whom you will see from a 3rd person perspective, in an experience unlike you have had here any day soon!

Can you survive the horrors of the Rainbow Mates?

Move around using WASD, crouch with C, transform into a box to hide with B, use E for synergy, and the mouse to look around. You will find yourself in various play rooms where Blue, Red, Black, Green, and other scary toys are lurking around, and you need to find the exit while making sure they do not catch you.

It's really that simple, so now that it has been understood, playing the game should be a no-brainer, you will do great if you focus and put the effort in, and we hope to see you around for more of these great games to still come!

How to play?

Use WASD, E, C, B, and the mouse.

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