Five Nights at Rainbow Friends

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What is Five Nights at Rainbow Friends?

Five Nights at Rainbow Friends

Five Nights at Rainbow Friends combines together two of our most popular indie horror game franchises into one, resulting in what we believe is going to be a hit game for you all to play and enjoy right now, otherwise, we would not have brought it to your attention in the first place!

Can you survive Five Nights at Rainbow Friends?

On each of the five nights you use the mouse to navigate the cameras of the facility, each watching a different room, and when you see one of the Rainbow Friends appear, get rid of them by clicking on the camera to take a snapshot of them, a moment at which they disappear.

Don't overuse the camera, because if you run out of battery life, you lose the game then and there. You also lose if you let the monsters roam about too much and they enter your room, which you are trying to prevent as much as possible.

Those are the basic rules of this game, so now that you've been made aware of them, feel confident enough to try the game right now, and know that we hope to see you around for more of our daily content to come!


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How to play?

Use the mouse.