Rainbow Friends Reboot

Rainbow Friends Reboot

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Rainbow Friends Reboot
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Rainbow Friends Reboot Overview


Rainbow Friends Reboot has now been added to our website since we know just how popular this category is with each and every one of you, hence why you would want even more amazing games in it, even more so with such awesome 3d action-packed ones as this one, whose gameplay we will now dig into so that you can give it your best from the get-go!

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Use WASD to move, and F to hide. Before the three minutes of the level are done, you need to find twelve boxes and put them into the blue spot in the middle of the maze, while making sure not to get caught by the Rainbow Friend chasing you around, because in that case, you lose.

Use the hiding ability to escape from it, because if you simply run, it will eventually catch you. You are playing against NPCs controlled by the computer, so make sure to gather more boxes than them to clear the levels.

Now that you've seen just how simple and fun this game can be, trying it out right now is a must, we promise, and we hope that you stick around with us all day long, since we've got more in store, as per usual!

How to play?

Use WASD and F.

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