Save the Rainbow Friend

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What is Save the Rainbow Friend?

Save the Rainbow Friend

Save the Rainbow Friend is yet another puzzle and drawing game online with bees, a format that has become increasingly popular over the last year, and this new edition will raise even more interest considering that it features the Roblox Rainbow Friends, characters that have become universally loved here on our website!

Let's Save the Rainbow Friend!

In each level, you need to use the mouse to draw lines around the Rainbow Friend, whoever it might be, such as Blue, Red, Black, Green, or others, and if with those lines that you built around them, you can withstand the attack of the bees without them stinging it before the time runs out, you win the level.

If you do perfectly, you get 3 out of 3 stars, but if you do less than that, you can earn 2, or even 1. If you leave too many empty spots and the bees manage to hit the friend, you lose and have to start again from scratch, at least from that stage, and give it another go.

It goes without saying, but the attacks of the bees only become more vicious, so you need to be better at playing the game the more that you advance through it. Good luck, enjoy!


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How to play?

Use the mouse.