Grab Pack BanBan

Grab Pack BanBan

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Grab Pack BanBan
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Grab Pack BanBan Overview


Grab Pack BanBan is here to combine the format from Poppy Playtime Games, where you used this device as well, together with the BanBan characters we've got here already and we know that you love, which comes naturally, as the two categories are quite similar, and we're sure you will now have extra fun thanks to this combo!

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Your stickman with a backpack that has two hands, one blue, one red, is going to be controlled by you using the mouse, as you need to move the hands around the Kindergarten of BanBan, where you need to get keys to open doors, collect eggs, and do other tasks just like you are given.

Avoid the traps, the toys that attack you, and any other kinds of dangers that appear, because if they get you, you lose that level, and have to start it again, when you should think up better puzzle solutions.

It's that easy, so now that you know, feel free to begin right now, and don't stop here, since we've got even more amazing games to come, all day long, as we promise you daily!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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