Ban Ban Rooms

Ban Ban Rooms

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Ban Ban Rooms
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Ban Ban Rooms Overview


Ban Ban Rooms represents one of the very few first-player games online to have been added to the BanBan Games category of our website, which is a popular one we are always working very hard on, just like you are going to be shown is the case right now, and we will explain what is to be done right now, so you can begin having fun immediately!

Explore the Ban Ban Rooms online with two players!

Control one toy with the A, D keys to move, or roll, and use the Right, Left arrows for the second toy, both of whom you have to help reach the flag at the end of each course to pass it. Along the way, don't fall into the pits, get stuck, or get hit by other kinds of traps and dangers you will encounter.

Along the way, make sure that you help them collect all the stars, as well as other goodies if you want to perform well. Each new level is more difficult than the last, as you can expect, but we promise they also get more fun all at the same time. Good luck, enjoy, and invite your friends along for the ride as well!

How to play?

Use A, D and Left, Right.

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