Grimace Shake: Episode One

20.08.2023 2.008 35 votes

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What is Grimace Shake: Episode One?

Grimace Shake: Episode One

Grimace Shake: Episode One is yet another horror-themed game we are now happy to bring along to this category of meme games based on the latest mascot to have taken over the internet, where you now need to survive against this usually friendly purple monster who has now become dangerous, and we will now teach you how, so you can start the fun right away!

Can you survive Episode One of the Grimace Shake Horror?

Use WASD to move, space to jump, shift to run, and the mouse to move the camera, as you have to go around each level to find all the shakes, the only way to stop the monster, as you make sure not to let yourself get caught by him, since he will be chasing you around.

Get fuel as well to start off the generators, because if you get light, you get the upper hand on this scary purple monster. It's that simple, so begin right now, only here, and then invite friends to join the fun, with this or any other great games already added into this category!

How to play?

Use WASD, shift, the mouse, and space.

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