Grimace Shake: Monster Maze

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What is Grimace Shake: Monster Maze?

Grimace Shake: Monster Maze

Grimace Shake: Monster Maze is yet another action-packed game with this popular purple mascot we are now delighted to showcase with you all free of charge on our website, where its category has been worked on very hard lately, growing with bigger and better games, as you will see right now when we explain this one so you can start the fun at once!

Can you survive the Monster Maze of Grimace Shake?

Grimace has to defeat the monster at the end of each maze, usually in the form of Huggy Wuggy, but before reaching it, you need to pass through the whole maze in such a way that you defeat all the other enemies because you gain their power level and advance yourself to become stronger.

You can only beat Huggy if you have a bigger level until then, so defeat all the other foes, drink all the milkshakes you find, and make upgrades between the levels with your earnings while being careful of traps, obstacles, and dangers that will make your power level smaller.

Move Grimace through the maze with WASD/ARROWS if you're playing on the computer, and swipe in the direction you want if you're playing on a phone or tablet. We wish you the best, and more of you we hope to see you since we've still got many more great games in the works!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use WASD or the mouse.

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