Skibidi Toilet vs Hagi Vagi 2: School

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Skibidi Toilet vs Hagi Vagi 2: School
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What is Skibidi Toilet vs Hagi Vagi 2: School?

Skibidi Toilet vs Hagi Vagi 2: School

Skibidi Toilet vs Hagi Vagi 2: School is a crossover of three favorite fan-favorite characters inspired by memes, where you will have a great time with a shooting game unlike you've played in their categories. Who are we talking about? Well, just like at this roaster:

  • Skibidi Toilet
  • Huggy Wuggy from Poppy Playtime Games
  • Baldi from Baldi's School Games

Win the Skibidi Toilet vs Hagi Vagi School Battle!

Controlling either Huggy Wuggy or Skibidi Toilet, your goal is to shoot down the Baldis in each level, going around the maps and shooting them, without letting them blow you up, as they have that ability, and if you can also collect coins from the maps, do it.

Use WASD for moving and jumping, and click on the gun button to activate it. If you find power-ups and other weapons along the way, make sure to grab and use them, but also use the coins you collect between levels to make upgrades and power-ups to your skins from the shop.

New fights, enemies, weapons, and fun stuff await you one stage after another, so keep playing until you experience this game in full, and you won't regret it for anything in the world! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use WASD and the mouse.

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