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What are Baldi's Basics Games?

Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning started off as a one-time indie video game developed by creator Mystman12 and released in 2018, but since then it has become a staple and juggernaut in this corner of the video games world, especially that of games that you play in browsers or maybe even mobile devices.

After the initial beta that appeared on, we eventually got a full release in 2020, called Baldi's Basics Plus, which featured all sorts of bonus content, as well as a new story mode. The game started off as a parody of educational video games from the 90s, which it satirized, eventually turning into a more horror survival and escape game in the latest editions.

Of course, plenty of fan-made Baldi Games online have appeared since then, some focusing entirely on this character and their universe, but others being crossovers with other genres or categories on our website, such as the FNF crossovers where you get to sing with Baldi and his friends!

Let's teach you Baldi's Basics so you can easily play his Games for free!

Baldi is a teacher nicknamed like that because he is bald, and that is quite amusing to his students, which is the role that you play here. One of your fellow classmates forgot his seven notebooks at school, so he asked you to return them, a mission that you believe you can accomplish.

As you search for the seven items through the school, when you find them, Baldi appears and gives you a quiz comprised of three questions, and if you answer them right you get the notebook as well as rewards. If you anger him because you couldn't solve his hard problems, he might chase you around, and you need to escape him.

You also need to be careful to avoid various other obstacles or even other students. Like this element? Well, there are even games with Baldi that focus on racing, running, jumping, and the like, such as Baldi's Basics Parkour.

In addition to amazing recreations of the original, we've also got spin-offs, and sequels, some made by the same creator, but many of them fan-made, with us, recommending any and all the games added to this category, because we've put in a lot of work into it, making sure that the best games in this universe are now easily discoverable by audiences all across the globe!

You will learn and have palpitating adventures, and all the while having tons of fun with the content on this page, so check it out right away, you are not going to regret it even a second!