Baldi Basics Spoopy Mod

Baldi Basics Spoopy Mod

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Baldi Basics Spoopy Mod
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Baldi Basics Spoopy Mod Overview


Let's play Baldi Basics Spoopy Mod right now for free on our website if you've missed playing the new Baldi's Basics Games, which have become really popular internet memes in the world of escape games, and we are sure that this new edition will be just as charming and interesting as the previous ones!

Let's acquire the notebooks to complete the Baldi's Basics Spoopy mod!

Use the mouse to walk and look around, using the mouse to click on the action buttons to do the following things, when you need to do them:

  • Run: you run
  • Act: open doors, pick up items
  • Use: use the items selected at the moment
  • Jump: jump on the jumprope

Your goal is to go back to the school and find the seven notebooks of your friend so that you can return to your eating contest, but along the way, as you find them, Baldi, the annoying teacher, will intercept you and give you math and logical problems to solve, and if you accomplish that, you get the notebook.

The school looks like the inside of a pyramid in Egypt, making the setting more interesting. Find all seven, get better at maths, and escape the annoying teacher and school as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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