Skibidi Toilet: Long Neck

Skibidi Toilet: Long Neck

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Skibidi Toilet: Long Neck
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Skibidi Toilet: Long Neck Overview


Skibidi Toilet: Long Neck has taken two popular formats, that of Skibidi Games, of course, and that of long neck games, which are puzzle games that are more skill games if we're to be honest about that, but we're sure that this amazing new combo will totally be according to the taste of so many of you, hence why we shared it with you immediately, and we will now teach you how it works, so you can stretch your long necks accordingly!

Stretch the Skibidi Toilet Long Neck to win!

In each level, as the toilet, you can hold the mouse to drag your neck around the map, to hit all the cameramen, or other kinds of enemies that you encounter along the way, having to defeat all of them to clear a level, but without hitting the neck into the walls, obstacles, or traps, or get stuck with it, in which case you lose and have to restart again from scratch.

Each new level will feature the same premise but a higher degree of difficulty, which is true for 100 levels! Yes, there are that many, each more difficult but also more fun than the last, and if we've enjoyed it so much, why would you not do the very same? Start now to see for yourselves!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Remember Snake Games? Well, similarly to those skill games, knocking your head into the bricks, exteriors, or any other items that are not your targets means losing, so be weary.
  • Hold, Tap, and Release: you don't need to keep the head moving continuously, as you are allowed to stop it, which happens when you stop holding the button, and then hold it again to extend the neck.

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