Skibidi Bosses vs Cameramen

Skibidi Bosses vs Cameramen

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Skibidi Bosses vs Cameramen
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Skibidi Bosses vs Cameramen Overview


Skibidi Bosses vs Cameramen is the latest action-packed shooter game online in 3D we now invite you to play in this highly-popular meme games category, of which we know without a fact you are never getting bored of, especially when you get to enjoy games of this calibre, of which you might never get tired of!

Help the Skibidi Bosses vs Cameramen in a new shooting game 3D!

The game allows you to play it in three different modes, to diversify the genre and the category:

  • Destroy the Agents: there are 100 Cameramen walking around, and you have to shoot them down while making sure you don't lose your own health bar in the process first.
  • Avoid the Glows of the TV: huge TVs are searching for you in the sky, so you have to avoid getting caught in their sight, since the counter-attacks against you will then begin.
  • Avoid the Laser Guns: as a toilet, laser guns will attack you from all directions, so make sure to avoid them at any cost.

Use the WASD keys to move, and the mouse to aim and shoot your own Skibidi Toilet guns at the enemies, and make sure you survive level after level, defeat the foes, and get new skins for your toilet, as well as new guns, making yourself cooler, funnier, and stronger! Let's begin all this exciting time right now, and don't get tired of it any soon!

How to play?

Use WASD and the mouse.

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