Skibidi Toilet Fighter

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What is Skibidi Toilet Fighter?

Skibidi Toilet Fighter

Skibidi Toilet Fighter is a minimalistic fighting game online added right now into this fan-favorite category we would not have dared not to grow today on our website, since we know for a fact that it is one of our most popular ones. If you also really enjoy fighting games at the same time, this one's for you!

Become the best Skibidi Toilet Fighter online!

Use the WASD keys to move and jump with your character, and Q, W, and E to perform the three types of attacks available, having to defeat the character controlled by the computer, which can be a cameraman or a toilet, and deplete their health bar first to win, before they can do it to you.

If that happens, you get coins in return, and from the shop, you can buy new characters to use in the fights, which only get stronger and better the more expensive they are. Start now, have a fun time fighting like never before, and don't stop here, since the day has many more surprises coming up, only for you!

How to play?

Use WASD, and Q, W, E.

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CatBox studio

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