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Save the Capybara

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Save the Capybara
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Save the Capybara Overview


You've saved dogs and cats before from dogs, as well as other kinds of characters that were not even animals, but today we're inviting you to save from bees the internet's favorite animal, the Capybara, who is always welcomed with open hearts by all the visitors of our website who want to play anything and everything that features him, so in this game where you become his rescuer, you should love it even more so!

Let's Save the Capybara online!

What from? Well, good question and the answer is the rowdy bees from the beehive who will attack the poor animal, and if he gets stung by them, or flown off the platforms where it is sitting, you will lose the level and have to retry it.

Your drawing skills need to come into focus to save the animal, as you will use the mouse or touch controls to draw lines around the animal, and if they can protect it from the bees until their attack stops, represented by a depleting bar at the top, you win.

The better you do it, the more stars you earn, from one to three, and we hope to see you aim for 3/3 all the time! Depending on the level and the location you are in, you will need to figure out what are the best shapes to draw to protect your animal.

It goes without saying, but we will still tell you, that the ink you can use is limited, so think carefully about what you want to draw before doing it, since running out and leaving blank spots in the ink shield you're making can make the bees cross through, sting the capybara, and you lose the level!

No matter how hard it gets, and how many beehives will start attacking, figure out the solution, save your friend, and finish all the levels. We hope to hear from you in the comments if you've liked this game, and hopefully, you search for this animal on our website and play more capybara games online for free!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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