Save Winnie

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What is Save Winnie?

Save Winnie

Save Winnie is on our website right now because puzzle games with drawing elements have become more popular than ever, and they become even more interesting when they feature cute bears such as this one, who is really afraid of bees but wants their honey. The solution? Help him out, as only you can save him!

Can you Save Winnie?

To do it, use the mouse to draw lines around the bear, and after you're done, the bees from the hive will start attacking. If the bear survives without being stung by them in the given time for that, you clear the level, but otherwise, if he gets attacked successfully, you lose it.

Depending on your performance you can earn from one to three stars, so we really hope you always aim for 3/3, no matter how difficult the levels might become, and you can trust us that they only get more complicated. Good luck, enjoy, and see what other great games we've been sharing with you here all day long!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.