Save My Pet Party

Save My Pet Party

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Save My Pet Party
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Save My Pet Party Overview


We're making a Party out of Save My Pet Games, which are the most popular puzzle games with drawing on the internet, which you have played solo all this time so far, but what makes this game a party is precisely the fact that this will be a two-player game too, a mode in which you've never tried this experience before, so you must do it right now, and since we've already done so, we are confident to teach you how to do it too and let the fun begin!

Start the Party and Save My Pet!

As with other similar games, a cat or a dog will be in front of you, and near them is a bee's nest. The bees want to come out and sting your pet friend, and you need to prevent them from doing so by drawing a protection barrier around them. If you are playing solo (1P), use the mouse to draw, and when done, the bees will start their attack. If your barrier protects the animal until they're done, you win.

If you let the animals fall, or if you allow the bees to get past your drawings, and if they get stung, you lose. Use the environment and items such as platforms to draw around, while avoiding obstacles.

Compete to see who saves pets better!

That's the gimmick for the 2P mode, where the screen is split into two, and each of you has one pet to save from the bees. The one who does, wins, while the other one loses. Of course, if both players are as smart, they can both achieve it and get a draw. The player with the most wins at the end of all the levels wins the whole competition.

To save the pets in the 2-player mode, use these controls:

  • E and WASD to draw for Player 1.
  • L and the ARROWS to draw for Player 2.
Rescue pets and play with more animals!

From the shop, you can unlock more animals in addition to the dog and cat, like:

  • tiger
  • monkey
  • panda
  • lizard
  • chicken
  • koala
  • duck

How to play?

Use the mouse for the 1P mode.

Use WASD and E for one player, and the ARROWS plus L for the second player in the 2P mode.

Tips & Tricks

  • Keep the lines you draw with no holes in them, they can allow bees to get thorough.
  • Hold the drawing key (E or L) and at the same time draw with the directional keys (WASD or the ARROWS) to succeed in drawing.
  • Protect the pets until the timer strikes zero to win!


Can both the pets be saved when in the 2-player mode?
Yes, both players can save their pets and this results in a draw.

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