Save The Sheep

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What is Save The Sheep?

Save The Sheep

Save The Sheep is a new hypercasual puzzle game online, and the fact that it features beloved animals such as sheep, we are fully confident that so many of you will hop at the chance to play it right away, just like these cute fluffy creatures hop as well, and we will now tell you what to do, so you can give this game your best, as you should!

Let's Save The Sheep online!

The sheep will be hopping forward through each course in the farm, and before it, there will be obstacles and traps, such as doors, or pits. You will be given a choice between two items to use, and always pick the right one for the obstacle so that you manage to pass over it.

For example, use a hammer to tear down the wooden door, and use a wooden plank to get past the hole in the ground. You get coins at the end of each successful level and know that each of them gets more difficult than the last, but more fun as well, which is why we highly recommend it! Let's start!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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