Save the Dummy

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What is Save the Dummy?

Save the Dummy

Save the Dummy is one of the best new puzzle drawing games online on our website to have been added today for everyone, where the entirety of our team has had plenty of fun from starts to finish, just like we hope to see you have, as we know that this format is quite popular, even more so when it also features stickmen, who are always great to have in games!

Let's Save the Dummy online!

In each level, there is something threatening the life of the dummy stickman, such as sharks, water that it can fall into, warriors with spikes, traps that you can fall into, or things that will attack the dummy.

Your goal is to prevent them from killing your stickman for three seconds, so use the mouse to draw barriers, platforms, and other lines that will give that defense for that amount of time, simple as that!

Each new level poses a puzzle for you that is more difficult than you, in terms of the task, but we are sure that you will still prevail and have an amazing time clearing one level after the other. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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