MeMe World

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What is MeMe World?

MeMe World

MeMe World is a new platform-adventure game online set in a world with stickmen, but troll ones, as you can see from the face of the main character that you will control, where each new level that you play through is harder than the last, and we will now give you some pointers so that you can give this game your best from the get-go!

Let's explore the MeMe World online!

Use the arrows to move and jump, going from one platform to another by jumping, but make sure to avoid those that have clouds, since they might have spikes hidden in them, or just spikes in general, as well as other kinds of obstacles and traps that appear level after level, each one more complicated than the last.

MeMe is the name of the character you become, and we have a hunch you will be having quite a lot of fun together, just like we did, so start right now, and stick around for more fun to come, it is always guaranteed!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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