Yasin Poop Rush

Yasin Poop Rush

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Yasin Poop Rush
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Yasin Poop Rush Overview


Yasin is back in the world of gaming for Poop Rush, a new puzzle-adventure game with action and logic elements all into one, one where you have to help this meme character make sure he does not poop his pants, something no one would want happening, and something we teach you how to do right now and here, worry not!

Go on the Poop Rush with Yasin!

Use the arrow keys for moving and jumping, help Yasin collect toilet paper along the way to the toilet since that represents your score, and reach the toilet bowl before the threshold bar fills up completely because at that point he will soil himself, making you lose the level or stage.

Each of the twenty-five levels is divided into multiple stages. Sometimes you have to outrun other Yasins that are racing towards the toilet and reach it first, or you need to grab a key first so that you open the door to the bathroom.

The challenge to rush and don't let Yasin poop himself only gets more difficult the more you advance through the game, but if you get to the end, you will have saved his day, and will have had incredible amounts of fun, guaranteed!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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