Skibidi Laboratory

Skibidi Laboratory

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Skibidi Laboratory
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Skibidi Laboratory Overview


Skibidi Laboratory is a new platform-adventure game with collecting, but also shooting elements all into it, one of the most fun new experiences you get to have on this page, where all of us have had a blast from start to finish, just like we're sure you will too, something we will explain how to do right now, so don't worry, we're sure you will do just great!

Let's adventure in the Skibidi Laboratory online!

Use W, A, D to move and jump, as you need in each room of the laboratory to collect all the crystals, open doors by stepping on buttons, and shoot down the CameraHeads when done, doing so by pressing K towards them. If you bump into them, you lose and have to restart, so make sure you're not letting that happen.

There are also spikes and other kinds of traps and obstacles you need to be careful about as you navigate the laboratory, so be careful of them, or you need to keep restarting the levels. Good luck, we wish you the very best, and hope to see you around for all the other amazing new games still to come here today for you all!

How to play?

Use W, A, D, and K.

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