Skibidi StickBloons

Skibidi StickBloons

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Skibidi StickBloons
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Skibidi StickBloons Overview


Starting off a day of gaming with new Skibidi Games online is always a great idea, which is why we're helping you with that by sharing with you precisely a game from this category right now, Skibidi StickBloons, which is going to be unlike any you've played here before, an arrow shooting game with balloons that are going to elevate your skills and give you tons of fun!

Shoot the StickBloons online with Skibidi!

With the mouse on computers, and the finger on the screen if playing on phones or computers, you aim and shoot arrows from Skibidi Toilets into the balloons in the air, with your goal being to blow up all the balloons in a level to pass it, but know that for each stage you have a limited number of arrows you can shoot.

If you run out of them before taking down all the targets, you have to restart the level. Obviously, as you progress through the 20 levels this game offers, they get more difficult, with more balloons being added, and them being placed in trickier positions for you to reach.

Take in the environment, and take full advantage of it, while avoiding obstacles that might appear, shooting the arrows right past them! Are you up for this challenge? We hope so, so we hope to see you begin right now, and then maybe stick around for even more great games to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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