Skibidi Toilet Killer

Skibidi Toilet Killer

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Skibidi Toilet Killer
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Skibidi Toilet Killer Overview


We now invite you to become a Skibidi Toilet Killer online, with the game titled just like that, and one of the best shooting games online that this category has had so far, so we highly recommend it, which is why we will now explain what you have to do, so you can begin experiencing all the fun right away!

Become a Skibidi Toilet Killer online right now!

With the WASD keys, you move the Cameraman, with the mouse you aim and shoot, and with the number keys, you change weapons. Go around the map from each level to shoot down the Skibidi Toilets, and defeat them all to finish the stage, otherwise they will attack and defeat you instead.

Each new level features bigger waves of enemies for you to face off and have to defeat, so make sure that you become a better killer of the toilets between stages, so that you can always have the upper hand, survive, and keep the fun going strong as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, the mouse, and the number keys.

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