Skibidi Toilet Puzzle Online

Skibidi Toilet Puzzle Online

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Skibidi Toilet Puzzle Online
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Skibidi Toilet Puzzle Online Overview


Skibidi Toilet Puzzle is not a jigsaw game, as you might think about it, as it is instead a skill puzzle game with action elements, where it is all about movement, something we are sure you will enjoy plenty, just like we did, whether you play this game on computers or mobile devices, both available options for the many gamers on our website!

Solve the Skibidi Toilet Puzzle Online!

The game has a total of 30 levels for you to solve, each one more difficult than the last one, where Skibidi Toilet has to tap the Cameramen on the heads, with an arrow pointing towards each target in a level, as some might need to be avoided entirely, and when you tap them on the head, you can turn them into toilets. That is when the puzzle is solved.

Use the mouse or touch controls to drag the mouse through the obstacles of each level, as the shape of the Skibidi toilet's head can be dragged however you move it, so use that flexibility to reach all your targets. You earn coins in return, and they can be used to buy new skins (upgrades) for your Skibidi character.

It's that simple, so now that you've surely understood it, feel free to begin right now, and don't stop here, since more great games are still to follow!

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