Playground: Ragdoll War

Playground: Ragdoll War

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Playground: Ragdoll War
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Playground: Ragdoll War Overview


A new Playground game online comes to the forefront on our website today, right from the start of the day, this time with a Ragdoll War as the core theme you get to enjoy, as you get to both play mini-games, and create your own ones in the sandbox mode, so kids ready for fun who are also creative should not miss out on this game for anything in the world!

Can you win the Playground Ragdoll War online?

On the playground, you can place characters on either side, red and blue, and then give them weapons, from hammers, shields, swords, and even guns, but also give them equipment, such as defensive gear, and various other useful items which come in handy when there is a war!

As you place elements into the battlefield, the ragdolls are going to start fighting one another automatically, and as you change things up and add new things, the dynamic always changes, so you can make the fight be whatever it is you dream of. Interact, experiment, and make this ragdoll war online one that is really exciting and fun for everyone involved! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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