Ultra Playground: Military Mod

Ultra Playground: Military Mod

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Ultra Playground: Military Mod
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Ultra Playground: Military Mod Overview


Ultra playground, the military mod is the latest sandbox simulator game online, a game that is based around the Noob's mine and the blocky world that we know you love so much, which had always been an amazing place where the visitors of our website had the chance to use blocks to create things, characters, scenarios, and worlds, just like you will do today, something we're ready to show you how to do right now, worry not!

Play in the Ultra playground with a military mod online!

From the menu on the top left side of the screen you can place Noobs and zombies, and if you give the noob a gun, you can use it to shoot at the zombie, which should always be something you do with the undead. You can even add military vehicles to drive, such as a truck or tank, and if you want to fly, there's even a helicopter.

Guns, rifles, sniper rifles, bombs, and TNT will also be made available in the weapons section, so use them to destroy zombies, the environment, and even your Noob. After dragging and dropping characters and items into the sandbox, you can drag and move them around to perform actions however you see fit.

Various kinds of blocks made from different materials are also free for the picking here, and you can use them to create military bases, and houses, or just decorate the world to make it look more like a battlefield.

Let your imagination go wild, creating military experiences with Noobs and blocks, and feel free to search for more playground games online from our website, over the years we've gathered the best of them already!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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