Idle Island

Idle Island

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Idle Island
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Idle Island Overview


Want to visit Idle Island? Well, that is what we invite you to do right now and here and see for yourselves how much fun it can be, something we know from our own time there, and we did a great job expanding it and building a really cool place to live, just like we are positive you are now going to do if you hit the play button!

Let's build an Idle Island online!

After your wife was kidnapped by a giant stickman, and you were left to die, you got back up, and now you must use the advantages that your island provides to build it bigger and better and offer you the chance to get a big army that will defeat the monster and get back your beloved.

Use the mouse to drag your stickman around, chopping the first pieces of wood, with which you will build a home for lumberjacks, who will then go out and get the wood themselves, without you having to do it any longer. Do the same for the stone, which is another material you need.

Build more houses, add soldiers, and create a big place, even expanding the island with more land, until your forces are prepared to defeat the huge stickman. Start right now, don't let fun hanging, and see what other great games we are bringing you here today for free!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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