Factory Builder

Factory Builder

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Factory Builder
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Factory Builder Overview


Factory Builder is a brand new idle building game in 3D that our team has eagerly shared with you all for free on our website right now since we have seen just how popular these games have gotten lately, this one not being an exception, of course, so we will now proceed to explain it!

Be the best and biggest Factory Builder in the virtual world!

Use the mouse to move the loader around the map, where you have to grab boxes, change them for money, and use the money to build more plants and factories, which will then start generating more boxes automatically.

With the money, you earn you should buy upgrades for each facility on each spot, while also expanding the factory to be even bigger, and upgrading all the vehicles you drive or have moving around the maps.

Of course, you only stop when you want, so go about upgrading the factory and building it bigger and better until you are satisfied, although we are sure this won't happen very fast. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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