Noob Lumberjack

Noob Lumberjack

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Noob Lumberjack
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Noob Lumberjack Overview


Noob Lumberjack is one of the best new idle games 3D to have been added into the Minecraft Games category of our website, where cutting down trees is just one small detail of the whole gameplay, and we're sure you are going to really enjoy it right now and here!

Become the best Noob Lumberjack around in the world of Minecraft Games!

Move the Noob around the map using either the mouse or the WASD keys, and when you reach trees and stand next to them, you are going to cut them down with the axe.

Cut trees to build a house, houses for minions, as well as a coin's market where you exchange the wood for coins, because upgrades to the houses don't require wood, as when you first build them, but coins, so make sure to always make the exchanges.

As you keep building, adding new minions, and cutting trees (which regenerate, by the way), try expanding the map and your estate as much as possible to earn the most out of this amazing new game we're happy to share with you all right now! Start it!

How to play?

Use WASD or the MOUSE.

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