Noob: Lumberjack Simulator

Noob: Lumberjack Simulator

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Noob: Lumberjack Simulator
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Noob: Lumberjack Simulator Overview


Right now we invite you all to come over to our Noob: Lumberjack Simulator online, which is one of the best new Minecraft building games in 3D, where you get to chop wood and then use it to build great structures, an experience you might have had in a similar way in these sandbox games in the past, but this one is fresh and original, and definitely a recommendation of ours!

Have fun with our Noob Lumberjack Simulator online!

Use either the WASD keys to move around, or simply the mouse, and if you just follow the directions of the arrows on the screen, you are going to do a great job, no doubt.

You have to cut down trees and get their wood, and then use it to build houses and various structures, and that can be changed depending on the mission, as there will also be stone, oar, gold, and other materials.

In each day that you play, try to grow your settlement bigger and better, and use the time you have to grow, which we are sure you will really enjoy doing.

Start off right now, see how deep into the simulation you can get, and make sure to stick around for more fun to come, you won't ever regret it!

How to play?

Use WASD or the mouse.

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