Noob Village Simulator

Noob Village Simulator

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Noob Village Simulator
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Noob Village Simulator Overview


The Noob Village Simulator game on our website is more of a puzzle and logic game online than you would think at first because instead of creating a village, you already have one, that has been taken over by flames, creepers, zombies, and you need to help the noobs inside it survive these horrors, something we will teach you right now!

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One or multiple other Minecraft Noobs are going to fall from the sky, and with the mouse you need to draw lines from blocks or other items, all marked with points, in such a way that they can hang in the sky or above something, making sure to prevent them from falling into the lava, because if that happens, you lose.

Now, each new level features more dangers and threats, such as the monsters of this universe, so make sure to avoid the Noobs hitting them because if that happens, you lose. You always lose if you let them fall into the lava, so that's another important factor to consider.

Let's start right now, as you know all that you needed to know, and make sure to stick around and catch what other great games we are still going to bring you here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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