Noob Obby Skyblock

Noob Obby Skyblock

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Noob Obby Skyblock
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Noob Obby Skyblock Overview


Noob Obby Skyblock is a platform-adventure game with running, jumping, and all-around action, one set in the world of block craft games, mixed with that of Obby Games, resulting in one of the best experiences you're getting today on our website, on both computers and mobile devices and which we're going to explain to you right now and here, worry not!

Let's run and jump with Noob in the Obby Skyblock!

As you run with Noob, tap to jump, pressing twice to double jump. Go from platform to platform without falling into the pits, and make sure to avoid hitting TNT and exploding or into the creepers, zombies, skeletons, and other blocky monsters you encounter. You've got a limited number of lives, and losing them all means having to start again from scratch.

Instead, advance a big distance to get lots of points. Collect gems and meat, grab the swords and use them to attack monsters, and grab hearts to replenish lost ones and give yourselves more chances.

From the main menu you can buy upgrades like the magnet, the X2 points bonus, or more lives. You can go through the courses by yourselves in the Single-Player mode, or you can race against a computer-controlled rival in the PVP race mode.

If you want to be other characters in addition to Noob, you can also change your avatar using your points. Let's begin this awesome adventure right now, and make sure to tell your friends to check this out too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use the swords to attack creepers, but avoid them otherwise, not to lose lives.
  • Tap twice to double-jump over the pits between the platforms and not die.
  • Buy new skins for your Noob, and upgrades from the main menu to become faster and advance further!

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