Novelmore Tower Defense

Novelmore Tower Defense

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Novelmore Tower Defense
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Novelmore Tower Defense Overview


Step into the vast world of Novelmore Games we are starting here today on our website with a Tower Defense game that will be relentlessly fun and unforgettable, as the world of these toys is one that is always at war, now that the prophecy is happening, and since the kingdom is under attack, only you can formulate the best defense strategy and protect it until the waves of attackers retreat!

Play a Novelmore Tower Defense game online right now!

Use the mouse to place defensive towers on the lanes of the battlefield, picking them up from the list down below, and as you defeat the approaching enemies, coins will be left behind. Click on the coins to grab them, since they are what you use to buy the towers, otherwise, you cannot use them.

So, the strategy is simple: place towers - defeat enemies - win coins - place more towers - defeat more enemies! Got it? We're sure you did, as it's a straightforward experience in a world of magic and knights, which we invite you to explore right now, even more so it if is your first time here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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