Hole Defense

Hole Defense

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Hole Defense
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Hole Defense Overview


Hole Defense is a new dynamic tower defense game online in 3D from our website, another hypercasual game in this genre that is surely going to impress you and will result in one of the best times you could be having on our website right now, something we can say from our own time with it, the main reason for sharing it right now with you all!

Let's put up the best Hole Defense online!

Use the energy available for you to dig trenches, which is the easiest and cheapest defense you can use against the waves of enemy soldiers, and if you have more energy, you can add other kinds of defenses:

  • barricade
  • razer wire
  • freeze (freezes the enemies)

If these defenses stop all the soldiers in a wave, you win and earn coins in return, which you should use to buy more energy, but also other soldiers for yourselves. The blue soldiers shoot with their guns at the enemies automatically, so having more of them is also a really good idea.

Now that we're sure you understood everything, don't worry about a thing, start the game right now, and maybe stick around for even more of our awesome content of the day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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