Flower Defense - Zombie Siege

Flower Defense - Zombie Siege

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Flower Defense - Zombie Siege
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Flower Defense - Zombie Siege Overview


Flower Defense - Zombie Siege represents a brand new take on Plants Vs Zombies Games, but now mixed with matching games with merging elements, which have only become more popular since 2048 appeared,  so you will now have quite a novel gaming experience which we hope you won't miss out on for anything in the world!

Find the best Flower Defense strategy to stop the Zombie Siege!

Use the mouse to drag two flowers of the same kind from the lots and merge them, creating one of a bigger level, and that plant will be stronger when it shoots and attacks the zombies attacking. The zombies attack in waves, and you need to stop them in their tracks because if even one goes across the final line, you lose.

Use the coins you earn from defeating zombies to place new plants, merge them, create better soldiers, and defeat more enemies. You will also be able to unlock more plots on which to put the flowers. Of course, each new wave is bigger and more dangerous than the one before it.

We wish you the best and tons of fun, and hope that you invite your friends to play our games too, they should know that here they find the best games possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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