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Draw Defence

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Draw Defence
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Draw Defence Overview

Draw Defence is a new tower defense game! In this game, you have to defeat the enemy forces by drawing to determine what forces to send. There are many types of troops you can send by drawing, by drawing a horizontal line you send melee troops, by drawing a vertical line you send archers, by drawing a triangle you can send knights, drawing a circle will send a meteorite to where you draw the circle on the battlefield, drawing half a circle will spawn giant melee troops that are incredibly powerful, and by drawing a spiral you will spawn a tornado destroying any enemy troops that are in the way.

You only have a limited amount of ink and meteorites that you can use, you must spawn your troops wisely in order to destroy the enemy troops while not running out of ink and letting the troops destroy your tower. You must defend your main tower in order not to fail the level, you can also protect the tornado and meteorite spawners because if they are destroyed you will not be able to spawn tornadoes and meteorites in that level. The tornado and meteorite towers need time to fill up so it's better to protect them to have a backup in case you run out of ink and can't spawn any more troops.

When you succeed in defeating the enemy troops you will receive money, this money can be used to upgrade your ink capacity, the strength of your troops, and the strength of your tower, doing so will increase the HP of it. After each level, your enemies will get stronger so you must upgrade your gear and troops to be able to defeat them!

Are you ready to defend your tower? Have fun playing!

How to play?

Use the mouse or your fingers to interact with the game

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