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Trap Craft

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Trap Craft
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Trap Craft Overview


Trap Craft is one of our latest and best additions to the universe of Minecraft Games we are building here brick by brick, game by game, where you're about to once again enter the world of the Noob and the Pro, the Pro wanting to become a dragon, a wish that will be fulfilled by the trickster on TV, as long as you manage to help him protect the portal from the zombies, making this a game in the defense games genre!

Lay the perfect craft trap and defeat the zombies!

Building a trap is done by clicking on one available in the menu, and holding the mouse on it to move it where you want it to sit. You have five slots you can fill with weapons, and as you advance and keep doing better, you can upgrade them or get even cooler traps/weaponry.

As you defeat zombies you earn coins, and when you have enough, you can activate your traps. Be careful of the energy and health levels on the left, because if your heart power gets completely depleted, you lose as the wave of zombies will have overwhelmed you.

As you would expect from any zombie defense game, each new wave is more powerful and difficult to beat than the one before it, so always give even more to win the levels. Good luck, but, most importantly, good focus and all the best we wish you all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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