Noob Craft Trap 2

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What is Noob Craft Trap 2?

Noob Craft Trap 2

If you liked the first Noob Craft Trap Game, then you are in luck, since its sequel has just arrived on our website right at this moment, where you can once again bet on having tons of fun from start to finish, just like we have had, as it is one of the coolest games in the series to combine tower defense games with zombies and fighting all into one!

Play Noob Craft Trap 2 online unblocked!

Use WASD to move Noob around, and the mouse to set traps, open chests, and use tools, but also weapons. The goal is to protect the portal from the waves of zombies, and if you defeat them, in between levels you get to buy all sorts of new power-ups, weapons, and tools to use.

Set the traps but also fight the zombies yourselves, as you need all the hard work in the world to defeat them, and even more so since each new wave gets stronger than the last. Choose the character you want to do this with, and then start the action, with us inviting you to check out even more of our great content after this game!

How to play?

Use WASD and the mouse.

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