Plants vs Zombies (Fanmade)

Plants vs Zombies (Fanmade)

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Plants vs Zombies (Fanmade)
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Plants vs Zombies (Fanmade) Overview


This new Plants vs Zombies game online is a Fanmade one, which means that there were some creative liberties taken with it, but it was done so by people who really love this franchise in general, so we are positive that you are going to love it just as much if you already love this series!

Try our new Plants vs Zombies fanmade game online!

As per usual, zombies are attacking your house, and you have to protect it by putting defensive towers along the course, represented by plants, and make those plants shoot and attack the zombies without letting them cross the safety barrier because in that case, you will end up losing.

Use the mouse to buy and place the plants on the grass, and make sure that you collect the light beams falling down and use them and the other rewards to buy new troops, since the plants are being powered up by the sunlight, just like in real-time.

You always need to make sure you get more troops, and various plants so that you can take on the waves of zombies no matter how big and powerful they become.

The very best we wish you, as per usual, and we hope that you stick around, since the day has some more games in store, and tomorrow will be a great day too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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