Angry Plants

Angry Plants

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Angry Plants
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Angry Plants Overview


Angry Plants is the latest take on Plants vs Zombies Games online, so if you really liked these strategy and tower defense games before, you are going to love this one even more so, no doubt about it in the world! If you're new to this kind of game, worry not, since we are here to explain it to you right up!

Help the Angry Plants survive against the zombie onslaught!

You will use the mouse to place defensive plant units along the line of defense, and when they are attacked by zombies, they will shoot at them. You earn points in return, also by grabbing and tapping on the stars, and you can then buy even more units and stronger ones.

Each plant has its own power level and techniques, so try to use them to the best of your abilities, and make sure you are never overpowered by the zombies being more and stronger because if you lose your defenses, you lose the game.

Each new wave is harder to defeat than the last, but we're sure that your abilities and strategic thinking are also going to improve constantly. Begin right now, and make sure you're not stopping soon, more great games are still to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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