Zombie Can't Jump

Zombie Can't Jump

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Zombie Can't Jump
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Zombie Can't Jump Overview


Zombie Can't Jump is a new Halloween-themed game online, one that features both tower defense elements, as well as shooting elements, resulting in one of the best new games for boys that you can find and play today on our website, a total recommendation from our team, and for that reason we will now also explain how it works!

Zombie Can't Jump, so shoot them!

Use the mouse to interact with the screen, where you build boxes as defenses, as well as other defensive towers, which you have to sit on, or put around you because zombies cannot jump, so the higher you take your position, the more safety you have.

If the zombies knock down all the towers and you are on the ground, if they catch up and overwhelm you, you will lose. Your character starts firing automatically as the waves approach, but you need to tap right and left since they will be coming towards you from both sides.

Score points, and use them to build even more defenses, change your character, and add new weapons to use. If you reach enough power, you can use a rage attack to take down zombies faster.

This can be played in the story mode, with levels of increasing difficulty, but also in the survival mode, where there is a constat wave of zombies that come, with no stop in sight!

The best we wish you, and hope that you also check out more games with zombies online as only we can offer you right here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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